Code Enforcement

Oscar Garza
Oscar Garza
This division of the City has the primary responsibility to enforce the codes and ordinances implemented by the City Commission. The various codes enforced are implemented to preserve the quality of life in the existing developed areas. They include, but are not limited to weedy lot, junk vehicle, trash and various nuisance ordinances. Zoning violations are also addressed by this division and primarily occur when a business is being run out of a residential property without proper permits and restrictions or if a structure is being built in violation of the setbacks required for aesthetic and safety reasons.

The Planning and Code Enforcement Department houses several functions of the local city government. This department is responsible for administration and enforcement of land use regulations. Zoning or re-zoning, subdivision platting of land inside city limits and within the extraterritorial jurisdiction, annexation and variances are all coordinated by the personnel in this division.

This Department handles:

  • Zoning and Rezoning
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Subdivision Platting Information
  • Variance Process
  • Other Ordinances
  • Annexation


102 S. Diana St.
Elsa, TX 78543