City Manager

JJ Ybarra
JJ Ybarra
City Manager
The City Manager is under the direction of the Mayor and City Commission and is one of the appointed officials required by the City Charter. The City Manager is responsible for the general administration of the City, program coordination and the preparation of special staff reports and surveys. The City Manager serves as the Chief Administrative Officer and reports directly to the Mayor and City Commission.

City Manager responsibilities:

  • The overall coordination of organizational activities
  • Provide administrative direction/coordination via oral and written managerial leadership techniques concerning city operations
  • Citizen inquiries/complaints
  • Provide information/direction on citizen inquiries about city operations
  • Compile customer complaint log and review complaints with department heads
  • Legal affairs of the city in coordination with the City Attorney
  • Coordinate all lawsuits filed against the city with legal counsel
  • Investigate potential claims against the city
  • Coordinate the overall Personnel Administration of the city
  • Develop, in conjunction with the City Commission and staff, capital projects for evaluation, financing and implementation
  • Periodically attend advisory boards and committee meetings of the city
  • Oversee, in conjunction with the Finance Department, the preparation, implementation and review of the annual budget, serve as the city’s budget officer
  • Act as a negotiator on behalf of the city for all contracts, leases and agreements
  • Coordinate activities relating to the Senior Management meetings
  • Meet with department heads concerning operations in their department

Other responsibilities include meeting with private citizens, community groups and public/private entities regarding City policies or programs

One major responsibility is the formulation and administration of the City budget in order to assure a solid base and rationale for the allocation of funds and resources.

The City Manager establishes goals and objectives annually in order to ensure an efficient and effective operation


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